Soluble or Insoluble – that is the question?!

This weekend your challenge is to investigate what materials you can mix with water to make a solution.

Watch the video below to learn more about the difference between soluble and insoluble solutions and read the home learning to help start your own investigation.

Using some of the materials below investigate which solids dissolve in liquid to form a solution.

Solids to test for solubility:

Crushed biscuits

Flour  Baking powder




Ready Brek

Plaster of Paris

Record and present your findings in a creative way.

Will they all take the same amount of time?

What might influence the solubility?

Are these changes reversible or irreversible?

Good Luck

Exploring Area

This week year 5 took their maths lesson outside to solve the problem – Which playground has the most space for children to play in at break/ lunchtime? We used and developed our estimation and measure skills, understanding of differing units of measure and fluency in calculation methods, when calculating the area of these spaces around school.

Holiday Home Learning Challenge:

Take your mathematical learning outside! Use and apply your new knowledge and skills of estimating and calculating the area of compound and irregular shapes and have a go at home.  Set yourself a challenge question – e.g. ‘Which common is bigger – Clapham or Tooting?’ or ‘Which bedroom is bigger?’ – record your mathematical findings using diagrams, mathematical vocabulary and, of course, calculations.  Most importantly enjoying taking this learning outside and try and involve your family too (Photo evidence to be shared!).

Have a fantastic holiday!

Ms Mumby & Ms Sharkey 🙂

Challenge: Ride to Space!


Year 5 played their part in Clapham Manor’s challenge to cycle and run the distance between Earth and the International Space Station (400km).  Here we are competing in our triathlon with the help of ‘Team Triathlon’, Ms Mumby and Ms Sharkey!

How do you think we got on? (we will post results later)

How did we work as a team?

How did it feel to be part of such a huge team challenge?

Well Done Year 5 – you were awesome!

What are we eating???

Using the Mc Donald’s nutrition calculator we have been working out exactly how much of our daily allowance we use when we’re eating a happy meal.

We have been looking at the: salt, sugar, fat and calories in a happy meal and the results are shocking!

Have a look at the calculator for yourself – what happens when you add a drink of coca cola? How about a pudding? How close are you to your daily allowance?

What surprises/ interests you?  Be prepared to share your findings tomorrow.



The Truth Behind…….

Response to the Video:

  • What comparisons can you make between the two (observations – diagrams/ drawings/notes)
  • WHY? (use the reading to help with your explanation).
  •  Respond creatively (and scientifically) to the clip – the most interesting responses will be put on display.

Remember to share comments on here too……this will help inspire your peers and encourage discussion.

Have a fantastic weekend!


Today we celebrated both Greek Day and World Book Day – a double whammy! Throughout out the day we explored our brilliant Power of Reading book – Odysseus by dressing up, tasting Greek food and even making our own poetry.

Here are some snaps of the day – what was your favourite part of the day?


What is Culture?



What is culture? What makes you who you are?

Is it what you wear? Your religion? Where you are from? Can you have more than one culture?

Over the half term I would like you to investigate this question and present your findings in an interesting and informative way.

Good Luck!



Exploring Tessellation


This week we have being using our computing skills to help enhance our geometry.

We explored a new program on the computer called inkscape  which helps us created repeated patterns.

Your home learning is to research the work M.C Escher artistic tessellations.

images (2) pegasus

How do you think he created these patterns?

Are they simple or complex?

Now it’s your time to TINKER! Use the following websites to create your own tessellations

This website has also got loads of exciting resources – including how to make your own paper tessellations.

If you would like to email anything to me to print to use in class

Year 5 are cooking up a storm and we need your help!


Year 5 are very excited about our cooking lessons that will be starting the week of the 20th of February for a month until the week of the 13th of March.

We would love some adult volunteers to help with these sessions, the dates and times are as follows:

5S Wednesday 22nd of February – Wednesday 15th of March

9.15 – 10.30   &  11.00 – 12.30

5M Thursday 23rd of February – Thursday 65th of March

11.00 – 12.30   &   1.30 – 3.30

Please contact your class rep or Ms Sharkey or Ms Mumby if you would like to help.

Thank you


Fact Finding: Greek Gods

As part of our exciting new History topic we also be studying a book in English.  We have begun discussing this in class and for your home learning challenge over the weekend we would like you to make an information pack on one of the Gods introduced in the prologue: Zeus, Hera, Athene, Aphrodite, Hermes and Poseidon.

Consider creative ways to inform your audience about the God – we will be using this information in our English and History lessons next week, as well as doing a learning walk to share and magpie new learning from each other.

Remember to use your research and summarising skills we have been developing in science to help you and post any interesting facts you find out on here to share with others.

Have a lovely weekend!